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Who Are We?

Welcome! Ecosounds is a repository of environmental audio recordings. This website facilitates the management, access, visualization, and analysis of environmental acoustic data. It uses the Acoustic Workbench software which is is open source and available from GitHub.

The website is run by QUT Ecoacoustics to support bioacoustics and ecoacoustics research.

What We Do

Our Goal

We host, manage, explore, and visualize ecoacoustic data. Providing the results and tools we develope free of charge to anyone who is interested


We locate various environments which may have interesting or important faunal vocalisations and other human-audible environmental sounds

Acoustics Sensors

We, and our partners, place acoustic sensors in a wide range of environments allowing us to study the local fauna

Annotated Spectrogram

Practical identification of animal sounds by people and automated detectors. Ecologists use these to answer environmental questions.


Finally, we make the results of our research, and the tools we have developed, available to the public

View Some Projects

You can browse some public projects and audio recordings without logging in. To participate in the analysis work you will need to log in with an existing account or register for a new account. Don't worry its free and easy!

Salento image


bird recorder january 2017. Cattle ranching farm

TNC - Myanmar 2019 image

TNC - Myanmar 2019

Recordings from Myanmar by Tim Boucher from The Nature Conservancy All recordings done with the Swift sensors

Tortuguero image


Soundscape recordings made in Tortuguero, Costa Rica, 2011 Details: